V Belts & Pulleys

DUNLOP V-belts and wedge belts are designed to link two or more rotating shafts. They offer high efficiency, high misalignment tolerance, economical and virtually maintenance free, therefore, can be used to drive and control moving component parts in automotive, industrial and agricultural applications.

Wrapped V-belts and high capacity wedge belts remain the most widely used belt/pulley system in service today. Raw edge cogged V-belts and wedge belts, enable the use of smaller pulley diameters and so save costs on drive design.

Banded V-belts consist of several single belts that are joined into one unit with a band at the top. This design absorbs the natural vibration generated by individual belt sets, they are also used for their high strength and lateral rigidity.

Kevlar corded V-belts are stronger than conventional drive belts, due to the high strength of the Kevlar cords and the heat resistant cotton wrap that covers the outer edges of the belts. Kevlar corded V-belts are suitable for all clutching agricultural applications.


V-belts and wedge belts ranges include: V-belts wrapped – Z to D sections, V-belts raw edged cogged – AX to BX, wedge belts wrapped – SPZ to SPC, wedge belts raw edged – SPZX to SPCX,  V-belts automotive raw edged cogged – AVX10 to AVX13, V-belts hexagonal wrapped – AA to CC, V-belts kevlar cord cotton wrapped – 3L to 5L, V-belts banded wrapped – A to C, 3V to 8V and SPZ to SPC