Spherical Roller Thrust Bearings

DUNLOP Spherical roller thrust bearings have specially designed raceways and can accommodate a large number of asymmetrical rollers.

They are self-aligning and their spherical rollers run on the spheroid raceways of shaft and housing washers.

They are separable, single direction acting axial bearings, the rollers have an optimum conformity with the washer raceways to optimise load distribution along the roller longhand they can accommodate relatively high speeds, heavy axial loads in one direction and heavy radial loads.

They are more than able to accommodate errors of misalignment and some shaft bending in an optimum way.

Spherical roller thrust bearings transmit forces via a contact angle towards the centre axis. Thus, they are able to accommodate some radial forces along with high axial loads, But, it must be considered that the acting radial forces must not exceed approximately 55% of the applied axial forces.