Female Rod Ends

DUNLOP Female rod end bearings, also known as ‘Rose joints’ are used to absorb misalignment in a linkage. They can be found in an endless number of applications, for example automotive, agricultural, industrial, leisure and medical. 

Female rod end bearings are proudly manufactured in the UK, to international standards and tolerances, using top quality materials and workmanship to meet the ever increasing demands of our customers.

They are available in a wide range of designs and materials to suit light to heavy duty mechanical applications, requiring low friction and good wear resistance. 

Female rod end bearings are available with either metric or imperial threads and bore sizes, right or left handed threads and with threaded studs. We offer a wide choice of bearing liners, including GR-nylon, polyurethane, bronze and PTFE offering maintenance free options, suitable for high precision motion transfer applications and extended life.

Metric rod end bearings are based on DIN 648 specifications and imperial rod ends are based on SAE J1120 specification. All products are ELV and RoHS compliant.