Angular Contact Ball Bearings

DUNLOP Single row angular contact ball bearings are manufactured in Europe and are of the highest quality. They are rigid, non-separable radial bearings and are suitable for high speed applications and can accommodate both radial and thrust forces, including combined loads and tilting moments.

As single row angular contact ball bearings accept thrust loads in one direction only, they must be used in pairs, where the bearing has to be adjusted against another to guide the shaft in the opposite direction. Angular contact ball bearings transfer the loads acting on the bearing at a certain angle, the so called ‘contact angle: a’ towards the shaft centre line.

The ability of single row angular contact ball bearings to accommodate thrust loads, depends on their contact angle. The higher the angle, the better the ability for accepting thrust loads. 

Due to their universal feature, single row angular contact ball bearings are produced in various designs and with different contact angles.