DUNLOP Accessories include rubber dust seals, also known as rubber boots, are fitted over a rod end to inhibit the ingress of contaminates. Spacers are fitted into the dust seal that are pre-machined to the shaft diameter. We stock a range of dust seals and spacers which are available to suit standard rod ends and will give extra protection when used in harsh environments.

In certain atmospheres, condensation may occur and be trapped inside of the seal, therefore increasing the risk of corrosion. It is essential to use a suitable grease able to withstand water, a recommended grease is Shell Alvania No.2 or equivalent.

Our dust seals are made to our usual high standard from neoprene rubber. Spacers are made from steel 230M07PB zinc plated white and blue passivate (silver/clear).

They are suitable for both metric and imperial rod end bearings, with an operating temperature range of -30°C to +120°C.

Nuts & Washers

Nuts are available in both grade 4 and grade 8, in full and half width sizes. They are used on many of our linkage assemblies to secure rod ends, ball joints and clevis joints into place. They are zinc plated white and blue passivate (silver/clear). A selection of washers is also available in both metric and imperial sizes.